Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I figure it is about time I say something lest you all think I fell off the planet. Actually January was a very productive month for me personally, though I actually have not felt much like talking about it lately - I think it's a hormonal thing. Here's the rundown anyway.

For New Years I did not actually make a resolution per se, but I did settle upon a motivational word with which to define the year for me and that word is "progress". January was full of it.

I was busy in Los Angeles taking care of some legal/financial matters. I don't think details are appropriate to talk about at present in other than generalities. Suffice it to say that my lawyers at Public Counsel have just filed a serious complaint over illegal practices against the San Bernardino Dept of Child Support Services. I am hoping for some positive results not only for myself financially but also for many others that are being mis-treated by DCSS.

I finally had success finding a Physician that specializes in trans medicine and takes Medi-Cal and Medicare. Dr. Maddie Deutcsh recently came down from the Bay area to Los Angeles. Through her and the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, I am getting some problems - one related to hormone therapy - looked into. My Estrogen levels were that of being pregnant and I have actually been lactating. It is a rather pleasant feeling and I must admit I enjoy being able to answer the question "Got Milk?" in the affirmative with just a little squeeze.

I just sponsored a Child in Guatemala through Children International because we can all do something to help someone else that really needs it - no child deserves to be hungry. His name is Dani he's is 8 years old. (Right now I don't have a scanner so I can't post his photo, but I will post it soon)

This past week I finally filed for my name change in Downtown LA and the public notices are going out for the next 4 weeks and then I am good to go. March 11th will be the day I am finally, simply me if all goes well. What a relief it will be to put an end to having a dual identity.

In general I am enjoying spending time in LA and Hollywood - going to the "Center" and to my Lawyers office gives me the excuse to explore the city on foot and discover good restaurants and all the changes in town since I lived there in the late 80's. Hollywood is way different now (though the people are still crazy) - the Kodak Theater complex is pretty overwhelming (in a good sort of way). The Metro-rail system works pretty good - way better than by bus. I'm glad I don't have a car because parking in town is really expensive and the traffic is really bad too.

OK that's all for now. I hope you all are doing well too.

Hugs and Blessings,