Wednesday, April 13, 2011

J. Crew and Pink Toenails

A friend of mine asked me what I thought of all the fuss about J. Crew's latest marketing campaign and here's my reply only slightly more embellished:

What I think is J. Crew is doing excellent marketing and their advertising division and/or consultants ought to be praised for their work. Jenna ought to be thanked too for her example of acceptance of her son and her willingness to be in the spotlight. Thank You!!! You are awesome indeed!!

My hope is that as a result of all the flap perhaps a few more people will become enlightened enough to realize gender isn't what one puts on, paints on, or even necessarily dependent on body parts if one thinks it through a bit further. This awareness is a good thing in my estimation. On the other hand, of course the right wing rubes, like Fox News and etc, will try to inflame the mindless populace with still more of the same idiotic rhetoric they have been spewing for years now - and they do make a lot of money doing this because there are a lot of suckers out there. I just wish they would wake up and understand how utterly foolish they appear to the rest of us and understand the harm that they promote.

I'm not a woman because of the way I dress or the nail colors I wear, but rather because that is who I am on the inside. And I dress the way I do simply because I enjoy it - it makes me happy to be stylish and colorful! It isn't something someone taught me; in fact it is the exact opposite. I actually had to emulate other boys to function in my former life as one because it was what they did and how they acted that did not come naturally to me - I had to tone down my own instincts to survive. Give most boys a bottle of pink polish and they will ask what the hell is this for? Maybe they'll paint racing stripes on their toy cars with it or something like that, but it won't make them gay or trans - that is just foolish talk!!

Hugs and Blessings,