Friday, February 21, 2014

Greetings Friends,

The planning for Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014 observance in Riverside, California has started and we are hoping this year to expand to having an event every day of Transgender Awareness Week – which is November 17th thru the 23rd. It remains to be seen if we can pull together enough talent and resources and venues but we are thinking BIG this year. 

This will be our 4th annual TDoR in Riverside too. We are looking for Transgender folk as well as LGBTQ… and straight allies who are musicians, songwriters, singers, actors, playwrights, stage crew and techies, poets, orators, filmmakers (to either document the events and/or present their works) and etc. who have a passion for activism, justice, equality and who want to do something special to spotlight the strengths hopes and fears of Transgender people in the world. 

We are also looking for financial supporters and for venues suitable for various events. At this point we have no funding and we hope to keep every event free so anyone can attend these events. And that is why we are putting out our call so early this year. 

Please contact me privately at if you are able to help us this year. Sincere thanks in advance,
Eva-Genevieve! Scarborough