Monday, August 23, 2010

Frankenstein’s Boot

I am so glad that my foot surgery went well, but recovery? – this is harder. If I go anywhere I have to wear Frankenstein’s Boot. It is way to heavy and very cumbersome, though I suppose that is a good thing because if it weren’t I would be out walking and doing stuff – the very things I am not supposed to be doing. I hate being cooped-up and dependent on others! I am somewhat crankier and humbled (but not all that much) by this. My surgeon tells me that my bone density is the hardest he has ever had to work on, so maybe this helps explain the hardness of my head.

Though it is hot weather and I have good A/C and my stash of snacks and drinks right at hand I would much rather be out doing… something, anything!! I used to walk off my depression, anxiety and frustrations but now I can’t – I get to lie around and then for a change of pace I rollover on my side and lie around. I stare at my knickknacks – among which are Genevieve, she’s my favorite doll and Thing One and Thing Two
threatening some Seussian prank from the top of the speaker – and I listen to my music and read. This includes re-researching various SRS procedures' benefits and risks, for I am soon, going to be applying for a grant to help with the costs. Sometimes I gimp-it down the stairs to the kitchen and there I overdo it cooking and eating too much. I just now came back from the Doctor where we discovered the first complication - infection and unexpected swelling where the bunion was removed and so I have added strong antibiotics to my daily routine. Hopefully next Sunday I will be up to going back to Church and seeing my wonderful family there again.

I keep promising to update this blog and account for the past couple months – and this is coming too – as I remain a captive here it has to be, but I want to whine and snivel some first. Actually I am doing well, all things considered.

Hugs and Blessings,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pennies From Heaven

Hi all,

I generally don't promote fundraisers here but this one is very important - TYFA is a well established and trustworthy trans youth advocacy organization. Please consider helping any way you can. Even prayer and directing good thoughts or energy toward this helps too.



Those of you who follow my Facebook may be aware that I made an emergency trip to Kansas this week. A school there was refusing to recognize a 10 year old transgender girls gender identity. They were requiring her to attend school as male and wouldn't budge.

I met with a school across town and they were happy to have her and wanted to learn how to make her school experience safe and productive. We registered her and expected that she would start school later in the week. I flew home to AZ.

Now the district administration has become involved and informed the parents (two moms) that their child will not be accomodated at ANY SCHOOL in their district. The child must present male or gender neutral, must use a male name and male restroom. The reason given is that to do otherwise would "interfere with the learning environment".

We are going to file suit against this school system . TYFA has retained the best attorney in KS with experience in GLBT discrimination. We need to raise an estimated $25,000 (or more) to litigate this case. I am calling this fund raising effort "Pennies From Heaven". Make any donation amount but end it with .01 (example 20.01) so that we know you are donating for the KS Defence Fund. Are you with me here?

It is time to take back our schools for gender variant students everywhere and we are going to start in Kansas.


Kim Pearson

Kim Pearson
Executive Director
TransYouth Family Allies, Inc.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2009 Revisited

Just a note to anyone who has recently tried to view the post about the TDOR service I hosted at Safe Haven Community Christian Church last November. The original Video Server has dumped the files so the video has been unavailable for a while. It is now back up using Blip TV - here is the link to the updated post.

Some of my very first videos are also available on the Blip TV site too. I was so nervous to be on camera I could hardly speak, but the people I interviewed had great things to say.

Hugs and Blessings,