Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pennies From Heaven

Hi all,

I generally don't promote fundraisers here but this one is very important - TYFA is a well established and trustworthy trans youth advocacy organization. Please consider helping any way you can. Even prayer and directing good thoughts or energy toward this helps too.



Those of you who follow my Facebook may be aware that I made an emergency trip to Kansas this week. A school there was refusing to recognize a 10 year old transgender girls gender identity. They were requiring her to attend school as male and wouldn't budge.

I met with a school across town and they were happy to have her and wanted to learn how to make her school experience safe and productive. We registered her and expected that she would start school later in the week. I flew home to AZ.

Now the district administration has become involved and informed the parents (two moms) that their child will not be accomodated at ANY SCHOOL in their district. The child must present male or gender neutral, must use a male name and male restroom. The reason given is that to do otherwise would "interfere with the learning environment".

We are going to file suit against this school system . TYFA has retained the best attorney in KS with experience in GLBT discrimination. We need to raise an estimated $25,000 (or more) to litigate this case. I am calling this fund raising effort "Pennies From Heaven". Make any donation amount but end it with .01 (example 20.01) so that we know you are donating for the KS Defence Fund. Are you with me here?

It is time to take back our schools for gender variant students everywhere and we are going to start in Kansas.


Kim Pearson

Kim Pearson
Executive Director
TransYouth Family Allies, Inc.

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  1. I know Kim personally, and she does good work. I will make a donation. But I don't believe in the GLBT model. It does a great disservice to post-operative heterosexual women, and, in my opinion, to all men and women who have dealt with transexuality and moved on.

    I guess we can agree to disagree when it comes to the health and welfare of children.

    Sara ...