Thursday, July 20, 2017

My friend's Rainbow Journey

I recently met someone from Japan, one who I now consider to be my friend, who is traveling around the world talking to Transgender folk and sharing their stories on his blog. His name is Nao.  I want to share his blog with you because he just shared my story. It is written in Japanese and the automated translation doesn't work so well so I apologise if that doesn't work well for you either.

Lately I have been caregiving for my elderly mother and have been very scarce on line but I still get my hand in with occasional activist things here in Illinois. As I say this I can feel the backlog of all that has happened weighing me down. Realistically, I probably never will get caught up in here even though I keep thinking that I will try once I get past the inevitable with my mother, when that day arrives in a few weeks or months. You  know what "they" say about good intentions though...