Saturday, April 28, 2012

On the Way to Re-Union... I hope

So far this has been an interesting trip. (I'll be adding more pictures to this post as time permits) Pardon me for "burying the lead" but it gives me the opportunity to do the travelog...

My BF and I left California Thursday April19th. We made it to Gallup New Mexico the first day and had a wonderfully delicious dinner at the Badlands Grill. One note about Gallup should you find yourself there - the water tastes really awful and makes nasty coffee because most of it is recycled - bring bottled water to drink and make coffee with.

The next day we made it to Colorado Springs though we stopped in Trinidad Colorado and took an extended rest stop there to poke around the town and have a nice lunch in the historic downtown at The Corner Shop Cafe (107 East Main St. Trinidad Colorado 81082). The town is undergoing some major reconstruction of several very old buildings that are too deteriorated to keep but it remains nice, friendly town worth visiting. It is in a beautiful location with some snow capped peaks. And for the uninitiate Trinidad is a place well known for Gender reassignment surgeries.

Trinidad is the first town in Colorado. Bat Masterson served there as Marshall for a short time.

Saturday we Got to Omaha Nebraska and were so tired we simply crashed. Sunday we got up and went to Church at one of the two Open and Affirming UCC churches in Nebraska - First Central Congregational Church and were very warmly received by everyone we met there including the Pastor and his husband. The church building itself was absolutely gorgeous on the inside too.
Then we went sightseeing to the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland a few miles west of Omaha and got to see (and touch) some of the most awesome planes. I even got to sit in a cockpit trainer for a B52 bomber.
Monday night we arrived in Naperville, Il and we have been spending some time here with my mom, visiting a cousin of mine in Evanston and resting up from lots of driving. Tomorrow we head out for Cleveland OH to see my two sons who I have not seen in 10 years. I have talked on the phone with them and sent pictures so they are somewhat prepared, but the acid test of acceptance will come when they meet the new me Saturday Morning. At this point I hardly know them because I have had so little contact with them ever since they were dragged away from California in Contempt of Court at Christmas of 1997. We had one really good summer -7 weeks together in 2002 but since then we have not seen each other.

I am hoping for a good reunion, the details of which will be coming in a few days or maybe a couple weeks as time and emotion permits me to type at you all.

Hugs and Blessings,