Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching Up (almost) As Promised

Greetings friends,

Wow, suddenly, my life got very busy and only now am I able to start catching up from where I left off with last month. On Feb 27th representatives from the Transgender Law Center met with about 15-20 TG-folk and their allies from all over California’s Inland Empire and the High Desert area. The meeting was organized by Transgendered Soul (an I.E. TG support group) and was held at Redlands United Church of Christ. We discussed changing laws regarding name change and other areas of transition – including some of the problems I and others are having now that we are the new person on our driver’s license and still remain under the old identity with National level social services like Medicare. Thanks to the legacy of the Bush years and his goose-stepping puppet masters (like Cheney and Ashcroft) we are stuck with the confusion caused by the ill-planned Real ID act and other so called "security" measures. So things are more complicated for those that want to change their gender here than they used to be, but the Transgender Law Center in California is a great resource that is accessible on a personal level to help you navigate the system and to help you get on track again. Here are a few pictures from that event:

Then on March 4 at 7PM in Riverside we had a turnout of around 300 people for a candlelight vigil on the eve of the State Supreme Court’s opening of hearings on the validity of Prop 8. A relatively new group in the Inland Empire of which I am glad to be a part of tentatively called the “Inland Equality Steering Committee” organized this event. Since we are very new we have not formalized our name or logo or even a mission statement, but we are a very diverse group of representatives from the TLBG and ally community formed after the passing of Prop 8 and hopefully to bring greater awareness and cooperation throughout the inland LGBT community. I am expecting some very good things to start developing as a a result of the inter-community cooperation. This Vigil had great suport from people of faith too - the Pastor of the First Congregational Church in Riverside and many of the members turned out. Equal Rights, Marriage Equality and Faith are not mutually exclusive in Downtown Riverside!

And one visual commentary on recent multiple births – this costume seen at Mardi Gras – need I say more?

I hope you all are doing well. Shortly (whatever that means) I will post about my week-long trip around the Southwest. There were some amazing things found in what I had thought to be the least likely places... Stay tuned.

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, Eva. I don't know too much about the Riverside area. How are TG people treated?

  2. Hi Genevieve,
    I have had no problems in Riverside and I basically go into all the places I used to go and have been accepted once people got past the inital shock. The owner of the straight bar (Worthington's Tavern) there says she likes me way better now and welcomes me and my friends. There is a very large Trans population though most still remain stealth or live part time. Downtown Riverside is very friendly and there are several safe places and a couple GLBT clubs.
    I am trying to relocate back to Riverside because West Covina is so far away from all that I am involved in.


  3. Dear Genevieve,

    Nice blog. I think the issues you write about and many other important issues should get more press coverage and I would like to encourage you and your readers to read the Open Letter at the below link and sign the Petition to Save Off Our Backs magazine. Please Don't Allow homophobic and transphobic writers to take over Off Our Backs magazine. Thanks.

    Love for the people,
    -T. Love

    p.s. I signed up as a follower of your blog. Keep up the great work! ;)

  4. Hi T.

    Thanks for following my blog. I am not familiar with the magazine but I wil take a look at the link.

    I find as much transphobic behavior (percentage-wise) in the GLBT so-called "community" as I do just being out in society. I find it very odd that we go through so much to come out and accept ourselves that so many of us can go right back to th same old ways of being closed to those that are different than us. Being human still gets in our way I guess I am trying hard to build a sense of community so we all can feel like we belong here as part of the human family and don't have to hide who we are, but we have a long way to go.