Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Comment on Comments

Tonight I was looking at the comments posted to the West Covina article and I decided to comment. I figure its about time I get around to the blog again too, so here what I just posted on the SGVTribune site (with a few minor edits)…

Commenting on what some are saying about the truth of the Bible:

I believe it is true in its original form (even though it was penned by people, their hearts and minds were moved by God), but it must be used in context of our society and the diversity of God's creation if it is to be relevant today (I.E. scientific and social facts must be taken into account too). The original texts were given to members of non-technological societies ranging from 3500 years BC to a few after Christ's death (His atonement for all of us) and His resurrection (our way to live in newness of life).

Paul spoke about looking at the example of nature and based many of his teachings on what then was the accepted truth and appropriate for that society. So, therefore, to be true to Scripture we are obligated to look into the physical truths presented by science and academics today. To ignore it perverts the truth of Scripture. Today we know more about nature, psychology, cosmology, humanity, genetics, etc., and if one sets aside ancient prejudices and denominationally imposed limitations Scripture blends very well with the tangible, measurable truths of science, humanity and nature. These things all point to intelligent design of the universe and all that is in it. Also, though science has perhaps not proven beyond a doubt that Jesus Christ did live, the evidence found of his life clearly supports scripture - there is a long track record of it (check out Lee Strobel's book "The Case for a Creator" for a great synopsis - it's in the appendix).

I personally believe Christ existed and that He died and lives again because I have personally experienced His salvation and forgiveness. So far, taken as a whole everything in my experience corroborates what I take on faith. Being transgender and accepting it as a gift from God and embracing it as such has not lessened this closeness for me, but enhanced it.

I also know Christ loves even those that don't believe it - you can experience His love regardless of your circumstances. I thought for many years that I was accursed, unforgivable and an abomination because of what many others taught that the Bible said about my dirty little secret of being a girl inside, but we were all totally wrong on that point.

God promised that more would be revealed to us as the age progresses and in this light we discover that God and his acceptance of people is quite a bit larger still than any human can imagine and so is His love and Grace. His forgiveness extends to cover greater sins than can be imagined or committed, so why don't we all resolve to simply accept this and be part of His family or at least put animosity to rest. That is what the cross was all about, right? Let’s let God figure out the details that we can't resolve in the light of the limited view of truth each one of us has. We know that at our best we all see through dark and smokey glass. This way we don't have to quibble so much over relatively insignificant issues like what is or isn't sin or who is acceptable (especially since everybody is).

The UCC Churches have a slogan that I like "God is still speaking..." So don't put a period where He puts a comma.

(By the Way the "gender inclusive" 2011 revision of the NIV is on the way).

Hugs and Blessings.
Your sister in Christ,

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  1. Thank for this post, Eva. Yes, God is still speaking. This is what I try to convey to transgender people.