Monday, October 26, 2009


Article by By MELINDA WALDROP of the Daily Press

WILLIAMSBURG - History was made without fanfare on Saturday. Jessee Vasold, William and Mary's first transgender homecoming queen, took the field at halftime of the Tribe's game against James Madison wearing a red shirt, black pants and a small silver lip ring to applause and not much other notice.

Vasold, a junior, and the other members of the homecoming court were introduced to the crowd, posed for pictures, and walked off the field.

"I knew I was nominated, but I was just surprised, because there were a lot of other really good candidates on the ballot," Vasold said. "I know all of the other girls, and they're wonderful people, really friendly. So I was surprised."

Jessee Vasold, William and Mary 's first transgender homecoming queen, took the field at halftime of the Tribe's game against James Madison U. today in Williamsburg. (Joe Fudge, Daily Press / October 24, 2009)


Here is the comment I posted to the article:

"I think this is appropriate for our times and our diverse culture - including the moral aspects of it.

Thank you W&M for being understanding and progressive enough to embrace this!

Thank you Jessee for being bold enough to step into the spotlight!!

To the folk that stick to the strict view that God made man and woman let me say this. While I absolutely believe that God made one pure man and a pure woman just as Scripture says, I also believe that God knew and intentionally created us is in a way that guaranteed gender diversity. St. Paul loved to say "look at nature" for examples of gender roles so, OK, lets do that in the light of what we know to be true today.

God made a man and then a woman but every successive generation born takes some of the male and some of the female to make a child - that is basic genetics. Logic indicates there would be a few that fall somewhere else along the bell curve of gender other than pure male and pure female. I.E.: That some would posses a mix of attributes from both genders. Being intersexed (or hermaphrodite) is one of many known gender variant conditions. So this is not a mistake or an oversight of God or some horrible sin. God knew and did exactly as David said and formed all of us including us transgender folk "perfectly".

What W&M has done here is openly embrace human diversity as created by a loving God!

This is Awesome!!!!!"

Hugs and Blessings,

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  1. Thank you for this post, Eve. I've been reading much about gender diversity lately. God is so creative. It was great that Jessee was embraced by the students.