Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blank Spaces and Thanksgiving

Greetings everyone,

I must apologize for being so silent this month and leaving a big blank space. I have been so busy with everything I'm involved in and then I had a very bad cold for several days and now the rush to get things done for the holidays has it's hooks in me. The turkey is in the oven now with apple-pecan stuffing and all the fixings.

I just wanted to say the TDOR service went very well and I will post the video as soon as it is edited. If anyone is interested in the text of the sermon e-mail me at and I will gladly send it to you.

This picture is of me laughing while trying to swallow too big a piece of the communion bread. Having never actually prepared a communion service all by myself before I thought it would be nice to use bigger pieces of bread -- you know, making it seem a bit more substantial than just a tidbit. Well, I broke it up into fairly big pieces but the bread turned out to be quite tough and chewy. By the time we were all served we were all chewing and chewing and chewing and chewing and chewing and chewing and... Until we were all busting up. So it is back to tidbits or wafers this Saturday. You live and learn and sometimes you just gotta laugh about it.

I wish everyone the best Thanksgiving possible. One thing I am thankful for is the freedom we are gaining to be ourselves openly, and I am thankful for all of my T-sisters and T-brothers who are out and making their way in the world and I am thankful for all those who have suffered and died in order that we are better able to stand - let us never forget them.

Thank You all very much!!

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. South Asian feminist thinker and writer Sarojini Sahoo proves T is alien from LGB.
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  2. Eva: This year I feel very thankful that I have simply arrived to this day and place. After molestation, beatings and decades of depression and self-loathing, I am finally creating a life for myself as the person I am. I had my surgery in July, and I've just begun to learn about this new life I'm living.

    Though I've never met you, I'm thankful to have encountered you here.

  3. Thanks Soumya, for the link to Sarojini Sahoo's blog. It is a very in depth and insightful discussion - much food for thought there, and at a cursory glance I see gender and sexuality in much the same way.

    For myself, as one who is trying to make the message of my faith relevant to those that have been traditionally marginalized over the years (regardless of who they are or why they are, or how they self-identify) this is a very important topic. It is a challenge to promote Faith without Prejudice to people who have vastly different perceptions of self and of the world around them. To do so I have to constantly challenge my own views and understanding.

    thank you for being out here too! At the start of my sermon for last weeks TDOR service I said very much the same thing - that simply my being here today, alive and happy is truly a miracle.

    We must not forget what we went through to get here. I don't mean dwelling in the past and being bitter, bur rather remembering and celebrating the fact we made it in one piece and we can actually be ourselves out under the sun. Feel free to e-mail me at

    Hugs and blessings everyone,

  4. Eva,

    I was going to post a small list of the things I am thankful for but got side tracked and now there is something more important to address.

    I'm sure you as well as everyone else is aware of the tragedy that has taken place in my area. My wife & I live about 20 minutes from the coffee shop where the 4 officers were killed yesterday.

    I know you are a woman of great faith and I would ask that we all pray for the families of these fallen heros. Since we pray to different gods I was just hoping you could get in touch with yours and ask for help. This event is devistating to our community and my wife & I have cried until we can't anymore. These were good family people doing a hard job and it a great loss.

    All My Affection,


  5. Of course I will pray (and I just did). Thank you, Nikki, for reminding me about the human side of this news.