Friday, April 23, 2010

Ticked-off Tra**ies With Knives?

I am commenting on this article in the Advocate - if you are not aware of the controversy please take a look this link for some backgound:

I haven't seen the movie and I probably won't (because I avoid movies that glorify violence and violent revenge taking), but I don't think a couple of asterisks solve the inherent problem. Any movie that glorifies violent revenge taking is a problem and the title, standing alone, reeks of violence and anger and revenge. We who have been the victims of violence and abuse need to be setting an example of being peaceable if we want to gain acceptance into the mainstream of society. An eye for an eye went out of style a long time ago. Fighting violence with violence resolves nothing and the violence only escalates when it is exploited in the media. Two asterisks just do not, in my opinion, counterbalance or negate the violence implied in the title nor do they disguise the fact the movie shows trans-folk as violent and vengeful. Hopefully we all try to avoid being defined by those terms. Hopefully we all seek to rise above the base, raw, emotion driven spirit of violent revenge. God knows I want to lash out at those that abuse and hurt us just as much as the next T-person but surely we can find a better way to combat the ignorance, bigotry and violence than by exploitative violence in films or even implied in a film title.

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Eva, Good points! Rise above it... great suggestion... hard to put into action!

  2. I didn't see the film but I wonder what the director was trying to prove? You make some great points.