Friday, October 15, 2010

Models of Pride 18 – October 9, 2010

This year’s Models of Pride – a youth Pride event with workshops, resource fair, entertainment and a closing dance was attended by over 600 young people ages 12-24. This year’s event was hosted by Friends of Project 10 and the LA Gay and Lesbian Center’s Lifeworks project.

This year there was something new - a workshop for parents of LGBT youth. Kim Pearson of TYFA and many other notables were hosting panels on various topics throughout the day and providing lots good information. I sat in on one session called “How can I Work Within My Faith Community To Accept My Family”.
The panel, hosted Harold Kameya of PFLAG in Pasadena, consisted of (left to right) Rev. Abel Lopez from All Saints Episcopal in Pasadena, Rev. Eric Lee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Fr. Geoff Farrow - a Roman Catholic Priest. These all have taken very notable and public stands in favor of marriage equality and human Rights for all. They had a lot of very encouraging things to say to parents of LGBT youth, many who are struggling to accept their children as gay or transgender.

I have volunteered at MOP every year since coming out and this is my 5th time. Even though I over-taxed my partially healed foot early in the day and had to cut out before the last session and the entertainment I did get to meet a lot of the youth and experience the wonderful spirit there as many of them for the first time in their lives got to be out in public simply as themselves. As always I encourage every one of you to get out and be a role model for our youth and support them in any way you can– they are our future!

Check out the Models of Pride website at to see the workshop listing and other details of the event.

Pictures included here are of the Drum Circle. (More photos available at:

See you next year at MOP 19!

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  1. Thank you, Eva-Genevieve, for your comments about MOP 19. Also, thank you for being there, volunteering your time, and participating in the parents' workshop. We so appreciate your support on behalf of all our youth, in particular, our transgender and questioning youth. They so need role models, and certainly, you are one of them. I remember first encountering you (before I met you)--how nervous and unsure you were about your participation in MOP, and look at you now! You could run the conference!--Gail Rolf, Friends of Project 10 Inc.

  2. Wished I could have been there. Being a role model to others is something I take seriously. Encouragement goes a long way also.