Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Link to a Controversial Post on Bilerco

A very good post. I thought it was a good read and maybe you will too. This echoes many of the experiences I have had with elitist TS-only groups. I call them "Transsexual Fundamentalists" because they act just like fanatic religious groups with the exception that a vagina is their god.

Here's the link

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  1. i read the article and while it was good, it's sad that elistism is reeking in the people who want to define to everybody who is a real transsexual. Personally, I would feel insulted if someone told me that I'm not a true transsexual because I don't have the surgery. Their line of thiking does much harm to those who are struggling with their gender issues.

    I never wanted to have the surgery or take hormones. I also know people who have had SRS and I support them 100%.

    In my mind, people who put forth their elitism are doing much harm than good.