Thursday, September 20, 2012

Register to vote on-line!!! (for California Residents)

This is so very cool. Californians can now Register to vote on-line!!! Please pass this link to everyone you know and encourage them to register if they have not already done so.

I just did - I had to since I just moved. It took all of about 5 or 6 minutes and I could even print out a receipt. And by selecting the vote by mail option I don't have

 to worry about being able to make it to the Polling place. The process is simple!! (Though it may be just a bit clunky on slower Internet connections).

Now there is no excuse not to vote for anyone short of being mentally incapacitated.

here's the link to register:


Here's my opinions:

Please learn about the issues and candidates and vote this November. And if nothing else Please vote for anyone other than Romney for President - remember that he thinks you are a mindless, useless lazy slug (or worse) - prove him wrong!!! VOTE!!!!

Please vote Yes on Prop 30 to support education (and public safety), and Vote No on 38 - on the surface 38 sounds better than 30 but it is set up in such a way that whatever money it raises for schools the same amount can be taken away from the general fund by the legislature to fund other things thus robbing any gain made - and you know they will just like they did with all that money for schools that was to come from the Lottery. Prop 30 does not allow this kind of shady diversion of funds. Molly Mullen (very, very wealthy) who personally funds the 38 effort has spent lots of money to promote it but it is a flawed proposition - please vote yes on 30 and no on 38.

Please vote No on 32 - don't believe the false hype put forth by rich corporations. This is just another of their attempts to shut down their political opposition. Unless you love the rich corporations and love their greed and corruption, their buying of candidates, their grabs for government control and their shady super-pacs a no vote is the correct one!

Please vote Yes on 35 - this stiffens the penalties for sex trafficking to more than just a slap on the hand and will be a big help in the fight to stop it! This is a much bigger problem here in California than most people realize. I was shocked - check out their web site for details,

Hugs and Blessings,


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