Monday, August 18, 2014

A Surprisingly Good Breakfast

Recently I embarked on a rather lengthy journey across the country the main intent of which was to spend some time with my mom but also to see my 2 sons and then do some sightseeing in places I have not been. I stopped for 4 days in San Francisco first and then took Amtrak to Naperville, Illinois. I am about to conclude a two-month stay at my mom’s place and next weekend I will resume my travels. I will spend a couple of days in Chicago and then, also traveling by Amtrak, to Glacier National Park, Seattle, Portland before going to my favorite refresh myself spot on California’s Central Coast (San Luis Obispo) and then home to Riverside, Calif. 

 Eventually I will post a bunch of photos, or links to them and some more details but for now some can be seen on my Facebook page but for now I felt like posting here again to describe something nice that happened.

I rented a car and drove to the Cleveland Area to see my two sons. Yesterday morning (Aug 17, 2014) before heading back to Illinois with my boys so they can visit with my mom some I decided to go have a nice breakfast since, for some reason, I always get overly hungry when traveling. I wanted to be able to drive a good distance without stopping. In Middleburgh

Heights, Ohio, across the street from several motels, is a Perkins Restaurant. Over many years of visiting this area I have found it to be consistently good and this morning was no exception, in fact the food and service were excellent.

I was eating and, as usual, reading my Sci-Fi book and generally having a pleasant morning. Then my waiter informed me that someone had paid the bill for my breakfast. Yup, just like that – out of the blue!  But he did not say whom it was who paid so I sat there astounded, looking around to try and pick out the culprit. If this had happened at a bar with someone buying a drink for me I would expect to get hit on but nobody in the place seemed to be paying any attention to me after that fashion. A while later the restaurant host came by and told me the staff had decided to cover my bill. So what was an already excellent meal was made that much better and that really made my day. I feel very welcomed there, kind of like it has become a family place for me now. I feel sort of bad that I won’t be able to go back there until whatever next-time I have in the area where my sons reside.

 Since I can’t thank them for their random act of kindness by eating there often here’s a plug for their restaurant in Middleburgh Heights OH… You folks are awesome! Thanks.

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