Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Links

I finally got around to adding a few links in the sidebar. I expect the list to grow, but for now these that have been most pertinent to my life are there.If you have any suggestions I am open to add others if they are tried and true places.
(That's Mister Slater - emphasis on the Mister - flying in his sleep).

I am also open to posting content from other sources both here and especially for the video production work that I, with the help of Producer Randy De Troit, am trying to get off the ground. It is slow in coming, but the gears are turning...

Hugs and Warm Regards to you all,


  1. I loooove the flying kitty!!! Blog looks great, all the best, from "Mrs. Slug"! (Mr. Slug is making me get off the computer or I would keep babbling! Love Mrs.S

  2. Thanks for dropping by Mrs. Slug! See you soon.
    Hugs! E-G!