Friday, February 13, 2009

Transgender or Intersexed

Hi all,

In one of my on-line support groups someone posted about an NPR interview with the author of a book about being Intersexed. I did not hear the article, but the idea of how we label ourselves seems like blog fodder to me, and I was sitting here thinking I had been too quiet since I got home, so...

I personally believe that being born with the emotional hard-wiring typical of a female and a body typically male would count as "IS". I believe that the term Intersex encompasasses transgenderd individuals or at least those that are transsexual as I believe myself to be. I had no control of my physical and emotional form at birth and both are equal parts of who I am - at least I have been unable to isolate or seperate the two halves (and trying for many years was tantamount to insanity), so now I attempt to live with the two parts in harmony rather than in opposition - this is another way of describing the self-acceptance and self awareness I have found in transition. For the most part this works and my life now makes sense to me. One can't seperate the physical from the emotional either in the description of a person's life or in the living of it, so therefore I claim to be IS. Those that would say otherwise don't live in my head (thank God, because it is already too cramped in here) or my body and obviously they do not know how I was built or what it is to be me. However IS is a label that many people do not understand so I commonly refer to myself simply as a trans-woman - it saves a lot of tedious explanation to people that really don't care about who I am.


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