Friday, December 28, 2012

What the Pope Said...

I find I must preface this post because our current Pope Francis seems to be just about right on in many of the things he has been saying - what he will say or do regarding T and LGB folks remains to be seen but on other current affairs he is spot on. He seems to me to be taking stands on issues as I believe Jesus himself would and I truly appreciate the man! This post is referring to his immediate predecessor.

Recently the Pope has made some pretty disparaging remarks about Gays and Transgender people and the other day I read a very excellent blog commentary about this on the Daily KOS titled "For he has met the enemy...and it is us"

After being prompted by the afore mentioned blog to give some thought to where my faith and the fact of my being trans puts me in relationship to the one man looked to by a large percentage of the world's population I found that I can not remain silent and be true to myself and my God. The Pope is now a bully of the worst order.  I made a personal vow many years back that I would not remain silent when I encounter wrong being done. I may not be effective to stop the bullying but I can raise my voice and call a spade a spade. After all who am I compared to the Pope?

Not just the trans movement is damaged but society in general if his foolishness is taken seriously by others, as it will be by much of the R.C. Church. Willful ignorance of scientific facts regarding the nature of human beings, of neurological discoveries and psychological facts in the last few decades is dangerous to everyone his Church encounters, not to mention I think it is sinful to deny such clear facts. Even St. Paul said regarding homosexuality "lets look at nature..." and if he had the same level of technology at hand as we do today his comments in Romans 8 would have been very different because nature proves them wrong now that we can look so close at nature. Paul has the excuse of living in a non-technical society 2000 years ago, an excuse the current Pope does not have. Religion and religious leaders need to be relevant to life in the 21st century to be believable or trustworthy - obviously this Pope is neither. The closed minded, foolish and harmful stance of the Pope and therefore of the Roman Catholic Church is just plain wrong. I'm sorry if this offends some who read this but when someone in a position of authority is wrong and is using that position to cause harm to a select group of people (whom God created and blessed with unique and diverse attributes including gender and sexuality that isn't strictly binary in nature) then that person needs to be called out. He is acting against Scriptural principals, and certainly not in any manner resembling loving one's neighbor and he is wrongfully judging people based on mere appearances, something Jesus said specifically to stop doing. I would personally call the Pope a terrorist because of what he has said about gay people. The blood of innocents will be on the Pope's hands because his words will incite bullies and be used by killers to justify their actions against LGBT people. I say to him, Irresponsible, terrorist Pope - repent!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Very sad that little men with pointy hats still go around attacking transgendered people. My God, they don't have time to go after their own priests that commit vile crimes, so they throw their eggs and rotten tomatoes at transgenders instead. Well, the Pope quit, so let's see who they prop up next.

  2. be the man God made you to be!

  3. I am - and that included transition to female so I could proclaim God's love to all the souls who have been hurt and crushed by prejudice and hatred and bullying caused by beliefs like yours. I am the transgender PERSON God made me to be without apology or regret. I am a miracle of God's creation - formed perfectly in the womb so I could walk this path God has set before me. It is time for you to give up your unnatural gender bias. Quit being a bully and grow up into a mature person in Christ instead of a ignorant babe who knows little about the all inclusive love that God has for all his created ones. I'm praying for you to discover the truth - God knows who you are even thought you hide your identity like the chicken you are.