Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Transstories: A Glimpse Into A Life

... and that life just happens to be mine.

This is a short movie made by a friend of mine, Ivy Kensinger, and a classmate of hers, Christopher Ourth (aka: Kristopher James), for their Production Class at UCR earlier this year - 2012.

Basically the title says it. We filmed about 3-1/2 hours at several locations I often frequent around Riverside - nail salon, my Church, the local coffee house - and I answered many questions in my ADHD fashion which meant that there was a gosh-awful amount of editing to organize my rambling answers into a 16 minute video.

I'm always very nervous when a camera is pointed at me and I get very fidgety when I'm on the spot as you will see, but nobody died and no cute furry animals were harmed in the process so I figure this is worth sharing.

I am a freelance activist around So. Calif., though mostly my efforts are here in what we lovingly call the Inland Empire for LGBTQ, Civil and Human rights and also for Faith without Prejudice.

It is my hope that this movie will help enlighten people about transgender folks and put the lie to all the misinformation about us from bigots and closed minded religious individuals. Also that it will help other trans-folks learn to accept themselves the way they are and find enough inner peace that they can come out and live their life openly.

Here' Part 1:

and here's Part 2:

Hugs and Blessings,

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