Saturday, December 13, 2008

Marriage Equality Movement Realization

Eva-Genevieve Introduces 'Living Transgender in American Society Today'
Eva-Genevieve is Transsexual. God made her that way. She is onsite today to cover the rally on the most controversial issues of our time regarding the LGBTQ community: the Marriage Equality Movement allowing same sex marriages to be viewed as legal and for 'us' to have the same rights as hetero couples here in California and many other states.


On behalf of my producer/director, Randy de Troit, and myself I would like to thank each one of you for taking the time to speak with me and to some of you for active participation in the first taping for our new show "Living Transgender in American Society, 2008". Thank You very much!

My personal message to you all: Each one of us has a story to tell, and in the telling (and hearing) of them we all are enhanced. With some of you I could feel your passion on the marriage rights issue and for GLBTQ acceptance in our society so very strongly as we spoke, and for that shared taste of your passion I personally thank each of you too. I wish we had a way to share this passion-energy with those around us directly so that they too would understand and be infected and energized by it.

David Mehnert a Music Educator (Special Education) in Claremont CA

I know each of you in your own way are doing that and that is what we are attempting to to do with our Show and what I attempt to do by living my life so openly wherever I go. As a transgendered person, knowing that there so many of you coming out to support us, my hope is greatly increased. May God, in His/Her own unique way with each of you, bless you greatly for your compassion and your participation today.

Eva-Genevieve spoke to Adam Kalesperis, an outspoken actor, supportive member of the GLBT community
Adams Blog can be found at:

Mother Karen Macqueen, the Associate Rector at St. Paul's Pomona Church speaks at the Marriage Equality Movement rally

Adam Kalesperis speaks to the crowd solo here:
for the text version of Adam's speech:

Marriage Equality Movement March in Claremont

As of now most of the content has been posted to the show social sharing website which is to be found at:

Thanks again and Warm Regards,
Eva Genevieve Scarborough-On Camera Host-Moderator

'Living Transgender in American Society Today'


  1. I was surfing the blogs and came across yours, looking forward to hearing good things about your film! Much love to you,
    "Mrs. Slug" aka babbler

  2. Thanks!
    This is a project I have jumped into with bothe feet and hopefully we will gain some supporters and be a real catalyst for positive change. Only time will tell if we can call this a "success" but were are giving it our best shot. Like I told the producer when we started this "let's ride this wagon until the wheels fall off!"

    Thanks for stopping by and posting!
    May blessings abound in your life!

  3. Welcome Madam Blogger Newby :-)
    I shall look forward to your blogs!

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