Saturday, December 13, 2008

Marriage Equality Movement


I am now working with a professional Director/Cameraman to make a documentary video series on Living Transgender In America. We are starting the taping for this tomorrow afternoon at the Clairmont 'Marriage Equality Movement' rally. We will be there all day starting sometime around 1:30 before the rally officially starts and are hoping to interview many people on camera for our project throughout the day. And where better to start than with a group of people that are already energized to take a stand on civil-rights issues for the GLBTQ community, but we need more of the trans-folk that generally keep to themselves to come out too.

You CAN make a big difference in your world - each and every one of you. You will see what just a little effort from a few dedicated people can do. Lets show the world that we are people too and that we can and want to be an interactive part of society. Help us with this new Project - there is amazing potential in this kind of exposure. (If you can't come out, or even if you do, can you help support this effort financially to get it off the ground? Please contact me directly if you can - thank you so much).

I would like to ask as many of you as possible to make the stretch and come out to Memorial Park 840 N. Indian Hill Blvd. Claremont CA 91711. I will be there all day and participating in the march in Memory of Harvey Milk and of the new Movie about him as well as moderating this new media project.
(Between 2pm and 5:30pm, we will gather by the out door performance stage; several guest speakers are scheduled to speak. Roughly around 6pm, we will march from Memorial Park and make our way to the Claremont 5 Laemmle Theatre in the Claremont Village. More details on this and other local events can be found at the following web sites.

Please come out and be a living part of your community! Show your support and make a stand for your rights too. I believe that until all people have equal rights realized under the laws of this Nation we are all diminished by the discrimination and hatred that it breeds. Gaining these equal rights will not happen until we have visibility and become familiar to many, so to further this cause I am promoting this Living Transgender project whole heartedly!

If you are willing, please forward the link in the address bar to other trans and ally groups, and people you know.

Thank you and Regards,

Soon this web site will be up and running for more info on this project:
Eva-Genevieve! Scarborough - Host/Moderator
Lifestyles of a Transgender


  1. You are doing amazing things! Congratulations on the success of your many projects and for making a difference. Your struggle will pave the road for others and make it easier for future generations.
    Continue to follow your heart and passions.

  2. Hi Renee,
    To make a positive difference in the world around me has been in my prayers for longer than I can remember. The encouragement you gave me at Models of Pride in November when we met has helped me to come this far, this fast too. You helped me see and understand the gap that I needed to step into now, so in a way you are part of this too. Thank you for reaching out to me and being my friend!

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