Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Faith without Prejudice

Sunday April 5th was a momentous occasion for us at Safe Haven Community Christan Church in Riverside CA. Our host Church (The First Congregational Church) provided this lovely sign for us and put it up in a very prominent location. We are so pleased to have a rainbow flag image and our motto "Fatih without Prejudice", right out in the heart of Downtown Riverside.

Like I said in an earleir post GLBTQ and Faith communities go hand in hand here in downtown!

Thank you First Congregational Church for the sign and for taking us under your wing too.

This picture is of myself and the Pastor, Rev. Renee Painter, of Safe Haven. If you are ever in town of a Sunday, we would love to have you drop in - 3504 Mission Inn Av, Riverside CA 92501. Our Services start at 12 noon and are wheelchair accessable too!

With warmest Regards in the Lord,
Eva-Genevieve! Scarborough


  1. I will take up the invitation whenever I get to California.

  2. Hi Genevieve,

    We would love to see you.