Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sisters, Easter and a Poem

Early on in my transition, through various on-line support groups I “met” many people and there were a few very special ones I felt an affinity with and some, in many places around the world, have become like sisters to me. One such sister is a lady in Sydney Australia named Tara. Over the last couple years she and I have burned up the international phone lines and the Internet and talked for many hours about our unusual lives and families, our passions, hopes, calamities and fears (and our blonde children too). We have had moments of manic talking into the wee-hours and long periods of silence and applying salve to our wounds and though she steadfastly has refused to tell me who would win current sports games and elections here in California, being 19 hours ahead of us (and obviously holding back that “real-time” information), that sister-connection is still there.

Sometimes I am told my writing is good but then every once I am blown away and humbled when Tara sends a poem about being transgender and what it feels like to deal with the pain and the internal anguish of soul and spirit this causes in our lives. Her words are pregnant with emotion and feelings that my words and analytical ways of looking at things could never contain or convey. Below is the latest one she sent me and, as usual, it is very poignant and tells in a moment what many of us carry about in the depth of our souls and can’t find the words to express.

Thank you Tara for being my little sister and pouring out your poetic heart again and for letting me share this here. I still dream of the day we get together, either here or there in the “down-under” and burn down a night or two face to face. You know I love you sis!

OK here we go…

Happy Easter!! (He is Risen and so you can be too). Hugs and Blessings,


  1. That's a lovely poem!

    And I agree with the "sisterhood" thing. I have found one, too; a very special, beautiful friend that I hope, one day, to meet face to face....

    In my past life I often felt that the internet was little more than a conduit of hatred. Since coming out, I now see the other side of it and it's beautiful.

    It is, in every sense of the word, a life-saver.



  2. Hi Chrissie,

    Tara has a way with poems that cut right into the heart.

    Here on the Internet it is safer to come out or test the waters before coming out. Though there is still hatred and animosity to spare, it is wonderful to know we have so many sisters (and brothers) all over the world. Wales and Australia and California are just a click away and so we can enjoy each others company a little bit. I'll tell Tara that you liked her poem.

    It's nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I looked at yours too and I love the view from your windows out across those beautiful green fields - it is a very nice place you have.