Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daughters - by Tara Stevens

My good friend Tara writes some very moving poems - here's her latest, 

Daughters - by Tara Stevens

Daughters of the sun
Children of the moon
Girls born as boys
Tortured in the womb

Spoke out against the angles
Dragged from the well of souls
To do the penance in this land
For crimes not of their own

Hated for being different
Stood out and left alone
Daughters of the sun
Fight to find a home

It's not the dresses or make up
That gets them through the day
For the daughters of the sun and the moon
Just wish to live each day

Fight against the law givers
Fools who run the land
Say we're freaks, who need no voice
And we should hide in the sand

In the morning I'll paint my nails
Lift my head up high
For I am a daughter of the sun and moon
One with transgender pride.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Eva-Genevieve,
    I really like this poem. Each verse tells it's own story and to do that in limited words is not easy. I love the fourth and the last verses a lot. I'm going to have to print this, there's some warm inspiration here!