Thursday, March 29, 2012

Transgender on Dr. Oz

This is the best, most concise and unbiased show about MtF transition that I have seen to date on television - Thanks Dr. Oz! 

Here's the link to part one of the show: (from here you can get to the rest of it).  (Thanks Karin).

The video below is just the trailer.

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. I hope this episode will change some negative views out there.

  2. How do you watch it here? only 30 seconds shows up.

  3. I'm sorry about the link - When I find one to the show itself I'll re-poat. Apparently it takes a few weeks before they post the whole show on-line.

  4. Ladies,

    Here is the link to Part 1 at Dr. Oz' website, with the other parts listed there. You may want to use a computer wired to your internet rather than wireless as it tended to freeze up a bit at times when my wife and I watched it.

    Great job Brynne and THANK YOU for you and your lovely Wife for being on the show and giving the world such a positive portrayal. It means a lot to so many and as someone who cannot transition yet and is trying to stay with her wife, you give me hope! I'm doing my best and taking my time. I hope and pray to be where you are at some day. : )


    Karin (

  5. BTW, Eva-Genevieve - THANK YOU for running and maintaining the Yahoo Trans Families group. I reached out to you in the beginning and the perspective, inspiration and advice you gave me via e-mail helped me to hang on and survive. You did that by being there for me. : )

  6. Sorry, the video is no longer available.

  7. Sorry, the video is no longer available.