Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Things and Stuff

Greetings Friends,

I haven't felt much like saying a lot lately but I am still out here. It has been far too long since I posted a personal update so I'll do that briefly now. My foot surgery a year and a half ago did not heal as well as expected but my recent orchiectomy went very well and I am feeling more like my self image says I should, the extra weight I have gained recently notwithstanding, I feel much happier about myself as my body has become noticeably more feminine since the removal of those little torture devices but I still have a ways to go before I can afford SRS, but even for that I have hope. 

(This Picture was taken at the San Diego Air & Space Museum in 
February when Ken and I had a nice getaway weekend).

I am looking forward to seeing my 2 sons whom I haven't seen in 10 years this April. This will be their first face to face meeting with me as Eva-Genevieve, I am excited and worried in equal measures because I don't know how they will react to me in person. They have seen pictures and we have talked many times since I transitioned but the real test of acceptance or rejection is at hand and I am hoping it will be a great reunion. 

Dealing with back pain from disintegrating disks in my lower back has kept me from being as active as I was a few years ago though I keep plugging away as best as I can - though in an attempt to avoid excessive pain I have not been walking nearly as much as I did a few years ago but today I managed to walk 11 miles. In spite of how feminine I am feeling lately I struggle with depression a bit more these days because of the limits the back pain (and severe headaches from the air pollution in this area) puts on things and this is why I haven't felt like saying too much lately, so rather than me doing the talking here (and on Facebook) I kind of let other people do it when the opportunity comes along. This "It Gets Better" video is another example of something worthwhile that I didn't have to type.

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Good to hear from you. I hope things improve with your health.

  2. Great to hear from you. I hope your health issues clear up and that your meeting with your sons goes well.